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Have you ever struggled with....

Mike Tobin Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Gallup Building

-Networking that burns your time but yields minimal results?

-A feeling that you are leaving money on the table?

-A sense that your efforts could be more effective but without a system or a guide?

  • Referrals have a 70-90% closing ratio..and a 92% retention rate, generally spending more than 5x more than other methods of business
  • Most sales people say that referrals are their favorite way to get NEW business..yet most do not have a system
  • Success in networking is about knowing how YOU are wired, then appreciating and knowing how your CLIENTS and REFERRAL PARTNERS are wired.  This understanding, combined with a system (and a little work on your part) will lead to SUCCESS!

People selling in the their "Strengths Zone"

Know how to develop RELATIONSHIPS with new contacts, and how to KEEP those relationships on going AND productive

Have a SYSTEM to generate referrals and leads that increase business on a consistent basis- we help you find the system that best FITS you and your unique natural talents

Know exactly how they are wired, and have a better appreciating of how their clients, referral partners, and new connections are wired

I am here to help you get the most out of this information and apply the results to your business and team!

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How you are WIRED UP is how you are FIRED UP!

Gallup studied 250,000 Salespeople, 1 million customers, 80,000 managers

  • The TOP 25% of salespeople produced 57% of new business
  • The TOP 25% of salespeople sold 4x-10x that of the average salesperson
  • In the study, they found “The happier you feel about your performance, and the greater your satisfaction in that role, the more customers wanted to buy"
  • Customers who felt strongly positive about their rep were as much as 12x likely to repurchase….and refer!

This study shows that the "fit" of your work position will have more to do with the success of your business, especially when discussing sales and referral marketing.  Being able to discover how you are naturally wired, using the Clifton Strengths assessment and True Strengths programs and coaching, is key in going to the next level.  Are you ready to SOAR?

How we help companies and teams, just like yours, increase referrals and sales:

R.I.S.E. to the top- Connect better to sell better

This  4 hour workshop and networking event  will give you a fantastic starting point in building your business by referral.

  • Discover the puzzle (R.I.S.E= Relationships, Influencing, Strategic, Executing) on how YOU view the process of networking and sales
  • Get the power of your subconscious mind to work as your lead ally vs. adversary
  • Learn to approach every networking  event prepared to make connections.
  • Acquire the 9 step "Net-Connect" system for follow up that will increase your results

Strengths Zone master referral training workshop

In this all day workshop, we unpack and uncover:

-"How you see the world is how you sell to the world"- discovering what our Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment means to us and how we can use it to refer and sell better and more naturally

-POWERFUL self hypnosis discovery session.  You will take away the ability to put yourself in the right frame of mind for networking events, sales calls, and other potential "out of comfort zone" events

-STRONG referral strategies you can use with your referral partners to create and "rain-make" new opportunities to generate NEW business and sales- together!

You will want to bring someone to this workshop that you already have a great relationship with- we will show you how to take that relationship to the next level and produce more referrals for each other

Sales team engagement coaching

What motivates a sales team?  Quick answer- It is NOT JUST MONEY!  The Gallup Q12 survey can help you so see see EXACTLY what your engagement numbers are as a sales team?  True Strengths can work with you to get a strategy to develop this engagement.  The happier your team feels about their performance, and the great the satisfaction they have in that role, the more your customers will want to buy from you- let us help!

fill this out to learn more about our next event in your area!

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With almost forty years of being in my own business, I thought I knew a lot about networking and motivating people. After meeting Mike I found out I didn't. Mike has shown me the proper networking skill and attitude of approachability we all need to increase our business. Thanks, Mike for always being "turned-on" to motivating and setting high goals for ourselves and teaching an old dog new tricks.

Ray S.
St. Louis, MO

We are just starting. In 2 months, we have made amazing progress. I expect to see a significant increase in my business in the near future. Mike's degree of commitment to me and my business was unexpected, and I wouldn't want to be without it. We did assessments for each key person in my business. I also did them for both my wife and me. I love the focus on strengths. It is more positive, and it shows us how we can encourage each other.

Steve W.
Kansas City, MO

Mike is the real deal. He was well prepared and knows the Strengthsfinder material inside out. We were given a lot of useful data before the training and his good-humored facilitation put the whole group into an excited frame of mind. We learned a great deal about ourselves and our team and how we can work best together to achieve the results we desire. Our executive team is already using what we learned to make key decisions. I highly recommend Mike for any team building or leadership training your organization offers.

Dennis C.
Boston, MA

Hands down the hardest working individual I know. This is one guy I cannot out-work. He also knows as much or more than anybody else I know about networking and showing the members how to push referrals to each other. Supposedly, he's also a pretty good fisherman. That he's yet to prove.

Jeff E.
Peoria, IL

Mike Tobin True Strengths Maximizing Your Best In Business and In Life