The world needs more coaches….is it you?

We live in very interesting business times- it seems that what worked in regards to motivating and engaging employees does not work quite as well any more.  The statistics compiled by Gallup show that in the United States, employees that are truly engaged is coming in a little over 30%.  This statistic tells you that 70% of the rest of the workforce in the U.S. are either slightly disengaged (no plans to leave, but no plans to really “soar”) or totally disengaged (every plan to leave and possibly take others with them).  Engagement is about the opportunity to do what we do best every day- our strengths!

What we are experiencing is a “shift” in thinking!

-My paycheck vs. My purpose

-My satisfaction vs. My development

-My Boss vs. My Coach

-My annual review vs. My ongoing conversations

-My weakness vs. My Strengths

-My job vs. My life

What we are getting ready to enter (if we have not already entered) is a “Job War”- countries and organizations vying for the same talent, with the top talent looking for things beyond just a paycheck and title- quality of life ideals!  Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, has some great thoughts and ideas on this upcoming shift- Click HERE if you would like to hear a fascinating overview of

Every company that manages people needs someone on their side ….someone to guide them through a different, almost revolutionary way of thinking- someone that goes against shoring up weaknesses and facilitates growth by empowering employees to do what they do best…everyday!

What the world is looking for right now are incredible coaches.!